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Birthplace of the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (Pythagoras Theorum), the astronomer and mathematician Aristarchus (Heliocentrism) and philosopher Epicuros (school of Epicureanism) Samos is an island of significant historical heritage.

The island of Samos is situated in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea to the west of Turkey and to the southeast of Chios right by the coast of Asia Minor. This enchanting island in Greece is well known for its quaint picturesque villages, the boundless silver olive groves, the evergreen forests, the terraced vineyards and the stunningly beautiful beaches with the emerald waters that create a magical landscape covered with a divine tapestry of colors and textures.

With an area of approximately 500 km2 Samos is home to more than 50.000 inhabitants. The island of Samos is mostly mountainous with fertile plains and a temperate climate hence the island’s economy is mostly based in agriculture. Some of the main agricultural products produced in the island are olive oil, honey and grapes including the Muscat grape used for the production of fine Muscat Samos wine.
Samos is an island of natural scenic splendor with diverse awe-inspiring landscapes endowed with rich cultural heritage and warm friendly people. Renowned for its history and culture, the gorgeous beaches, the mouthwatering local dishes and exceptionally fine wines Samos is considered a piece of heaven on earth blessed by the goddess Hera who was born and raised in the island of Samos according to the tradition.

Samos Island can be reached in the following ways:

By Air
1. With direct charter flights from most European countries and the United Kingdom. For more information visit the following websites.
2. With indirect flights through Athens’s International airport Eleftherios Venizelos guests can choose between Olympic Airways and Aegean Air with many flights daily especially during the summer months. For more information visit the following websites.

By Ferry Boat
Samos has three ports, the main port of Karlovasi and the ports of Vathi and Pithagorio. One can reach the island of Samos by ferry boats with frequent daily connections between Samos and Athens Piraeus port especially during the summer season.

Ferries to Samos are also available from most islands of the North Aegean and the Dodecanese, Alexandroupoli and Thessaloniki as well as from the Kousadasi port of Turkey.

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